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Aegis 360® Consulting has provided business consulting to organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, and service, as well as the not-for-profit field, including libraries, faith organizations, and the United Way. The Aegis 360® team expertise includes the areas of strategic planning, profit modeling, performance planning, accounting, and employee development. Aegis began business consulting operations in 2000 with a focus on leadership development programs, business strategy, business coaching, and skills training, business operations, talent development, performance improvement and strategic planning.


Email Ned Parks: Ned@A360C.COM

Phone: 330-812-3588

Radcom is made up of knowledge transfer and performance improvement experts with a unique combination of training expertise and technical documentation know-how. For more than 20 years we have helped clients solve their most pressing problems by empowering instructors, product managers, business leaders, and their teams to carry out their jobs more efficiently, drive positive results and infuse continuous innovation into their daily lives. We are honored to be named one of  the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio in 2019. 


Phone: 330-650-4777


When a tree is nurtured with sunlight, water and nutrients, growth is accelerated through the rings of the cambium.

Our purpose is to nurture professional and personal growth and to empower people to achieve their absolute best. We work with individuals, groups and organizations to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Cambium Development Group is based in Cleveland, Ohio and consults with customers throughout North America.


Email: asalapski@cambiumdevgrp.com

Phone: 330-990-1962

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